Kajol Said That During Lockdown She Missed Food Not Made At Home

by Sanmita A
Kajol Said That During Lockdown She Missed Food Not Made At Home

Lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic was a tough one for all of us. The world was stuck at home, finding out various hobbies and ways to keep themselves sane and in the right mind. Amid the chaos, people longed to go out and experience the pre-pandemic times. Like us, celebrities too missed the simple things in life. Kajol, in a conversation with Curly Tales Chief Editor, Kamiya Jani on Sunday Brunch told how she missed outside food. Read on to know how Kajol & Ajay Devgn spent their lockdown time.

Kajol Missed Outside Food During Lockdown

Kajol, in an interview with Curly Tales talks about her times with her husband, Ajay Devgn. She says, ”It becomes very difficult to become lovey-dovey during this period (referring to the lockdown). No, we didn’t kill each other. But, we are very happy that we have four bedrooms in our house and each person has their space.” She said, ”It was a different way of knowing each other.” She also talks about how she likes reading for hours and hours at a stretch. Eventually, she talks about how all of them missed home that was not made at home. And, says that spent a lot of quality time together as a family.

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Kajol Speaks Of Her Learning Experience During The Pandemic

Aside from the fact that the entire family missed eating outside during the lockdown period. Kajol also speaks of how Ajay Devgn and her spent a lot of time together during the entire lockdown. She says, ”Despite the fact that we were married for so long, that was just an enforced closeness for months and months. Normally, he is outdoors for 20 days a month. Normally, we meet each other, but not as much as we spent during the pandemic. So, it was quite a little learning experience.”

Cover Image Courtesy: Curly Tales