Kalka-Shimla Railway Route To Have Glass Ceiling Trains

by Kritika Kukreja
Kalka-Shimla Railway Route To Have Glass Ceiling Trains

Under 140 Characters

Traveling through the snow capped mountains and the beautiful scenery in Shimla is going to be more engaging with the new upgrade in trains. 

What Is It?

Talking about the Visatadome coaches from Mumbai to Goa, now Kashmir tourism has introduced the Vistadome coaches for Kalka-Shimla railway route as well. So now you can enjoy the serene hills and beautiful surroundings of Jammu and Kashmir through glass-roof ceilings inside the train.


What’s In It?

It will be a 40 seater coach to give the passengers an experience of a lifetime. Along with glass-roofs, the Kalka to Shimla route will have rotatable 360 degree seats to offer panoramic views, automatic sliding doors, luggage racks, LED screens for entertainment and a GPS-enabled information system. IRCTC has ordered 60 such trains.

Not transparent roofs to give you a 360 degree view, the roofs can be made semi-transparent or opaque depending on the time of the day which will be done internally. If it’s too sunny outside, the roofs will become partially opaque.