Kamiya Meets John!

by Kamiya Jani
Kamiya Meets John!

Ladies and gentlemen… Boys and Girls… Hold yourbreath! Because that’s what I did, when I saw him.

I was told to slyly rush into John’s van and interview him without letting anyother news channel know that we got an exclusive. My self-confessed love forJohn isn’t a secret anymore. I enter in his van only to see there are five to sixmore people already squeezed in. Which means no words of flirting!

He tells me where to sit while I interview and I agree. Without wasting anytime, I start off and paying least attention to his answers, I continue with mylist of questions. Trying hard not to divert my mind and be lost in his cutesmile or dimples.

As we end the interview and bid a goodbye to him, my sweet cameraman allows meto spend some more time with John as he needs to shoot a wide angle of thefirst link. Now will I remember what I uttered just after 2 minutes of seeingJohn. And the sweetheart that he is, John helped me with what I said in thebeginning and what more can I add! Cuteness.

As I say bye to him once again, I thought maybe I can ask him a couple offitness questions and he said oh ofcourse, you can. And there I go. I wasn’tsure if he would entertain me more, so after the fitness interview, we said ourgood-byes and left with a lovely memory!


Watch the interview:


I Love: The way he looks at me!
: When he says, ‘Oh you saw that episode!’

PS: Fitness questions were not a part of this interview.