Karnataka Farmer Grows Unique Yellow Watermelon Which Tastes Sweeter Than Red

by Suchismita Pal
Karnataka Farmer Grows Unique Yellow Watermelon Which Tastes Sweeter Than Red

Is watermelon one of your most loved summer fruits? The juicy and soft red pulp of the fruit is utterly delicious and there is a soothing sensation in every bite of it. But have you ever tasted a yellow watermelon? A young graduate farmer from Kalaburagi, Karnataka named Basavaraj Patil has scientifically grown yellow watermelons. Basavaraj has also claimed that these yellow watermelons taste sweeter than the red ones. By selling them, he has already earned profits of over ₹1 lakh. Interesting right? Read on to know more.

The Watermelons Have Been Cultivated Scientifically

Basavaraj Patil, a graduate farmer from Kalaburagi, Karnataka has scientifically cultivated unique yellow watermelons and has earned huge profits from them. According to an Inshorts report, Basavaraj has said, “These taste sweeter than red watermelons.” While these watermelons look similar to the regular watermelons from outside with green rinds, the pulp inside the shells is yellow instead of red. Basavaraj has said that these watermelons are rich in vitamin A, B and C. Also, India’s largest orange, weighing 1.42 kg, was found in Nagpur. 

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The Unique Fruit Has Brought Profits Of Over 1 Lakh

Basavaraj has collaborated with the local mart and Big Bazaar in the city and is earning huge profits. By investing ₹2 lakhs in the production of these yellow watermelons, he has earned a profit of more than ₹1 lakh. Basavaraj believes in the diversification of crop production in India. According to a Times Now report, he has said, “We should diversify our crop production in India.” Earlier, an engineer-turned-farmer in Goa, named Nitesh Borkar had organically grown yellow watermelons. He had invested ₹4000 in the production and had earned over ₹30,000 from sales.

Yellow Watermelon
Picture Credits: ANI

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