Wine Lovers Can Now Try Dragon Fruit Wine Produced By Nagaland Woman

Dragon Fruit Wine Nagaland
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 2583

Do you love dragon fruits? Then how about tasting a dragon fruit wine that is 100 percent organic? Nagaland entrepreneur Lucy Ngullie has produced this unique fruit wine. Public Relations Officer of the Dimapur district, Lolano Patton has formally launched the wine at Ngullie’s farm, Dream Dragon Fruit Farm in Dimapur district’s Shitovi village. The wine will be available in two varients-red and white. The cost per bottle of this organic dragon fruit wine will be ₹1100. Read on to know more.

Dragon Fruit Wine Nagaland

Picture Credits: Northeast Now

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The Dragon Fruit Wine Is 100% Organic

You’ll soon be able to take sips of delicious and organic dragon fruit wine produced by Nagaland entrepreneur Lucy Ngullie. Ngullie learned the art of dragon fruit wine-making by a Philippino winemaker. Interestingly, the ingredients used for making the 100 percent organic wine have been imported from Canada. According to The Sentinel report, Ngullie has said, “I humbly hope that this venture would encourage and inspire fellow Naga farmers to learn how to be self-reliant and not always depend on government subsidies or intervention.” Meanwhile, here are 7 other local wines of India you probably didn’t know about.

Dragon Fruit Wine Nagaland

Picture Credits: Pixabay

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The Wine Will Be Up For Sale By Around February 2022

The dragon fruit wine will come in two variants-red and white. The cost per bottle will be ₹1100. According to Ngullie, the wine will be up for sale by February next. Also, for purchase, it has to be pre-ordered. Ngullie had started her wine making venture in 2019. She said that as the fruits are seasonal and perishable, converting them into wine will also prevent their wastage. Ngullie added, “I already have a queue of orders for the wine and because of the limited quantity, I guess this year we wouldn’t be doing retail market.” So, to try it out, we need to wait for at least a year. Meanwhile, did you know about this wine lovers’ paradise in Nashik?


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