Red Wine Was Flowing Out Of Taps Of An Italian Village Located Near Modena For Three Hours!

by Suchismita Pal
Red Wine Was Flowing Out Of Taps Of An Italian Village Located Near Modena For Three Hours!

Imagine opening the tap and suddenly realizing that the liquid flowing out of it isn’t water, but your favourite drink maybe? You think it only happens in the movies? What if we say it happened for real now? Yes, people in a small village in Italy were recently on the seventh heaven, as they saw sparkling wine running out of the taps for about three hours. Crazy, right? Read on.

What Exactly Happened?

The incident took place in a village near Modena city of Italy when a local winery accidentally pumped wine into the water system. What seemed to be a miracle, actually happened as the result of a technical fault. After investigations, people found that one of the wine storing silos had leaked and the liquid began to flow into the water pipes. But some blunders give wonderful results. Some villagers even stored the precious liquid in bottles for future use. As a matter of fact, who would otherwise give free-flowing red wines on a random day for nothing? It impacted about 20 homes in the Italian village.

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What Else?

A similar incident had taken place in India in the month of February. Residents of Solomon’s Avenue Flat in Chalakkudy, Kerala were surprised when water out of the tap started smelling like alcohol. About 18 households in the building in Kerala’s Thrissur district were affected by it. The incident occurred after the disposal of illegal liquor by digging a pit on the premises of a nearby bar.

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Picture Credits: Viral Bake

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Now, that’s what defines an actual happy hour. You are at your home, you don’t shell out a single penny, and all you need to do is simply open your tap. And voila! You have your sinful potion right in front of you. Many of you are now secretly wishing that something similar happens at your place too, ain’t so?