Karnataka Govt Makes Masks Mandatory, Says New Year’s Celebrations Have To End By 1 AM

by Shreya Rathod
Karnataka Govt Makes Masks Mandatory, Says New Year’s Celebrations Have To End By 1 AM

All of us eagerly waited for the New Year’s celebrations. However, it seems like COVID-19 has its own plan. The rise in COVID-19 cases in other countries has caused the Karnataka government to impose certain restrictions. These are regarding the protocols followed in public places. Here is all you need to know about New Year’s celebration in Karnataka.

Masks Are Mandatory In New Year’s Celebrations

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The Karnataka government has rules for public gatherings. First, it is mandatory to use a mask in all public places, including schools, colleges, theatres, and others. Second, it is compulsory to show the vaccine certificate at restaurants, bars, and pubs. People should have two doses of the vaccine. Also, these places will operate as per their seating capacity and not more than that. Third, senior citizens, children, and pregnant women should avoid these gatherings for their own benefit. And lastly, the New Year’s party should end at 1 am on the 1st of January. The Police Commissioner will ensure no one can surpass the curfew. He is also in charge of ensuring that people are following the protocols. Further, resorts will follow the same rules for their New Year’s party.

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Government’s Take On The Current Situation

Though the government has said that these are preventive measures, the fear of imposing a lockdown is evident. Further, they stated that anyone found with symptoms will get medical attention immediately. Also, they will ensure the availability of beds and other medical facilities for the patients.

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The first lockdown was an eye-opener for everyone, and people are expected to follow and take preventive measures to avoid spreading this virus.

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