Kartik Aaryan Flies In Economy Class; Says ‘ Ticket Mehengi Thi’

Kartik Aarayn
by Ishita Agarwal
by Ishita Agarwal 395

In response to a fan who inquired as to why he did not travel business class on a recent trip to Chandigarh, actor Kartik Aaryan explained. In an Instagram post, Aaryan shared a video of himself seated in the economy class of an IndiGo airplane while on his vacation. According to the report by Hindustan Times, the actor was seated next to a lady spotted on his phone, checking his schedule.

Kartik Aaryan Eats Cup Noodles While Flying Economy

The tape included information on his upcoming appearances in Chandigarh, Delhi, and Lucknow. Afterwards, Kartik was spotted going through the airport as he prepared to board his plane bound for Chandigarh. While eating cup noodles and writing “Sunday breakfast” on the video footage, Kartik mingled with others after boarding the plane. Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 promotions Day 7 is also mentioned in the video, according to him. Kartik was seen interacting with the audience in Chandigarh when he stood on a stage later in the video.


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He also posed the following question to the audience: Is this a superhit? Is it a blockbuster, hogi?” Kartik was also spotted taking a picture with his supporters during the event. As the video came to a close, you could hear the actor, “I love you, Chandigarh,” in a Punjabi accent.

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