Keep Your Calm And Mask On! WHO Advises Long-Haul Flight Travellers To Wear Masks To Avoid Infection

by Shreya Rathod
Keep Your Calm And Mask On! WHO Advises Long-Haul Flight Travellers To Wear Masks To Avoid Infection

Masks had become a necessity for us during the pandemic. You could forget everything but not your mask. But now that we have started having our ‘old normal’ back, there is a threat of a pandemic-like situation looming over our heads. And this would mean, the return of masks! The increasing number of cases in countries like Japan, China, and the United States of America has probed the World Health Organisation to take necessary and preventive steps to avoid catastrophic situations.

The Rising Cases Of COVID-19

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Rising COVID-19 cases has the World Health Organisation scrambling for preventive measures that will help control the spread of the disease unlike before. The new variant of the Omicron virus (COVID-19), XBB 1.5, is a mutated version that is quite infectious and contagious. Further, it has affected a majority of Japan and China’s population. And, not to forget, in the United States, the Omicron subtype is creating havoc by spreading rapidly. This is a matter of concern and a sign of potential new COVID-19 waves.

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Put Your Mask On

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To avoid such situations, WHO and the European Union have set up certain rules that every country has to follow. First, countries should test before departure. Second, any traveller coming from an area with a high prevalence of the virus should wear a mask. Third, there should be a discriminatory application of these rules. Furthermore, travellers from China were subjected to a strict application of these rules because scientists believed that the country was understating COVID-19 information.

In India, there is a strict notice of following a compulsory mask rule. The wide spread of the virus in the second wave in India has prompted State governments to take cautionary measures in every public place, especially at airports. NITI Aayog has instructed people to wear masks in crowded spaces. And people who have special medical conditions are to take extra care as they are at high risk. Further, India is preparing for any emergency that it may face.

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