12 Countries That Have COVID-19 Related Entry Curbs For Travellers Coming In From China

by Shreya Ghosh
12 Countries That Have COVID-19 Related Entry Curbs For Travellers Coming In From China

Coronavirus is once again spreading in huge numbers in some countries and many nations took absolutely no time to initiate restrictions and put a barrier to the spread of the virus. China witnessed a massive surge in positive cases recently and many countries started COVID rules for travellers flying from China. Check the list of nations globally here:

These Nations Initiated COVID Curbs On Entry For Travellers Flying From China

COVID Travel restrictions
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1. Australia

Passengers from China planning to enter need to present a COVID-19 negative test report prior to reaching the destination.

2. Canada

Chinese passengers will need to provide a COVID-negative test report to enter Canada. Also, they need to undergo the test within 2 days before their flying date.

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3. France

Providing a COVID-negative test report is going to be a must for travellers from China to enter France. Both reports of PCR test and rapid antigen test works for this. Remember that passengers need to undergo the test 2 days before catching the flight. This rule is going to be imposed from 5 January onwards.

4. India

Chinese travellers flying to enter India will need to present a COVID-19 negative test report. Also, the passengers need to undergo the test within 72 hours before catching the flight. In fact, India has initiated the process of random testing of about 2 per cent of foreign travellers.

5. Israel

Israel has installed a screening centre for Chinese passengers arriving in the country and is willing to undergo the test.

6. Italy

Italy is another European nation that initiated the rule of Chinese travellers undergoing COVID tests.

7. Japan

Ever since the news of the new outbreak of the virus in China started just some days back, Japan laid out COVID-19 restrictions for people arriving from China. It is now a mandate to submit negative COVID test reports. Also, passengers testing positive will need to quarantine for a week.

8. Morocco

Starting on 3 January, Morocco will put a ban on Chinese passengers entering the country.

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9. South Korea

Except for travellers from Hong Kong and Macau, passengers will need to show a COVID-negative test report both before departing and after reaching South Korea.

10. Spain

Among the vast countries of Europe, Spain started the rule of undergoing COVID tests for Chinese passengers.

11. United Kingdom

Just before boarding the flight to land in the United Kingdom, passengers from China need to show their negative COVID test report. This rule will come into action from 5 January.

12. United States

Travellers from China will need to present a COVID-negative test report from 5 January to enter the United States. Passengers will need to take the test within 48 hours before taking the flight. They can even show proof of recovery in the last 3 months (90 days).

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