Kerala High Court Highlights Importance Of Home-cooked Meal For Kids; Says No Swiggy, Zomato

by Shreya Rathod
Kerala High Court Highlights Importance Of Home-cooked Meal For Kids; Says No Swiggy, Zomato

With increasing stress and longer working hours, we often rely on packaged food and takeout. It seems like we have forgotten the importance of having a home-cooked meal. This has also affected the new generation and children are eating chips, cold drinks and other junk food items. The Kerala High Court has pointed out the importance of home-cooked meals for children.

Kerala High Court Highlights Importance Of Home-Cooked Meal For Children

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The Kerala High Court ruled that parents should let their children sample the excellent food their mother makes. He further stated that it is better than ordering food from restaurants through food aggregators like Swiggy and Zomato.

The high court stated that instead of buying food from restaurants or food delivery apps, let children taste the delicious food made by their mothers. Let children play at playgrounds and come home to the mesmerising aroma of their mother’s food. He further stated that he leaves the parents of this society’s minor children to use their judgment on it. In addition, Justice P V Kunhikrishnan advised parents against providing children with mobile devices with internet access in an effort to make them happy.

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It Is A Better And Healthier Option

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Food prepared at home is healthier than takeaway or fast food. When you cook at home, the produce’s nutritious content is preserved. The takeaway you buy will typically contain a lot of oil, butter and spices, which may not be healthy, especially if consumed frequently.

You can control your calorie consumption and maintain a healthy weight when you prepare your own meals. Takeaway frequently contains a lot of sugar, salt and saturated fats. And your calorie intake is greatly increased as a result.

You may try out several flavour combinations and incredibly inventive dishes. There are only a few dishes of the same cuisine that are accessible when you order takeaway. However, you can create whatever cuisine you like and even some fusion recipes when you cook your meals at home.

When you order takeaway, it can be very challenging to get the appropriate portion. You won’t experience this if you prepare your meals at home. Home-cooked meals are healthier than takeaway if you have allergies to particular ingredients. All of your meals should be prepared at home with fresh ingredients.

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Most of the ingredients in the cuisine you order from restaurants or other takeaway services are canned or processed.

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