Khalid Al Ameri Teaches Kamiya Jani The Importance Of Bakhoor In UAE | Curly Tales

by Deeplata Garde
Khalid Al Ameri Teaches Kamiya Jani The Importance Of Bakhoor In UAE | Curly Tales

Recently we at Curly Tales ME decided to explore the in skirts of Dubai and we were in search of somebody who knows the inside out of the Emirates. Well, who is better than the famous Emirati Youtuber Khalid Al Ameri? Our Editor-In-Chief, Kamiya Jani decided to take a trip down the beautiful lanes of Dubai with Khalid Al Ameri and it has been nothing short of an incredible experience for this time’s Sunday Brunch In Dubai. Let’s sneak inside the learnings we got from Khalid on our way to the spice souq.

Khalid Al Ameri Teaches The Traditional Use Of Bakhoor In Emirati Households

Bakhoor, the famous incense of UAE is a very underrated traditional scent. But according to Dubai’s famous YouTuber, Bakhoor carries an integral relevance throughout the region. Bakhoor which actually are wooden chips is passed on among people at weddings, celebrations and other events. The purpose of this Bakhoor is to help people scent their hair, body or clothes. It is a traditional gesture to pass it among people during events. And this learning has been passed down through generations.

For Emiratis, Bakhoor is an integral part of their hospitality similar to serving coffee or tea to their guests.

Kamiya Jani Enjoyed The Full Souq Treatment With Khalid In Dubai

Khalid Al Ameri
Pic Creds: Internal

While strolling through the Spice souq Kamiya Jani and Khalid Al Ameri evidently had a lot of fun. From learning about the different types of spices to the importance of the scent of Bakhoor, Khalid taught us a lot about Emirati households and their deeply-rooted traditions.

The turban on Kamiya looked really beautiful and everyone visiting the souq must experience this. Later crossing the souq, Kamiya and Khalid reached the boat side of Dubai where you can take an Abra ride. People in Dubai take Abra for their daily commutes. Interesting right? Well, guess what? The Abra ride will cost you just 1 dirham to explore Dubai. Affordable isn’t it? Wanna know more about it? Wait till we come back with more information!

Till then go watch our exclusive Sunday Brunch with none other than the famous Youtuber, Khalid Al Ameri.

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