“Khidhki Kholdenge, Gutka Thukna Hai”, Says Man To An Air Hostess Mid-Air On IndiGo Flight

by Tooba Shaikh
“Khidhki Kholdenge, Gutka Thukna Hai”, Says Man To An Air Hostess Mid-Air On IndiGo Flight

Anyone who has worked in the service industry knows that customers and passengers can have some of the most bizarre and hilarious requests at the most inappropriate of times. Anyone who can effectively deal with such zany customers and passengers is honestly prepared for life’s most unexpected. In a recent video which was posted on Instagram, an IndiGo flight passenger had one of the funniest requests. Although the customer seemed to be joking, the video is still hilarious.

IndiGo Passenger Has A Hilarious Request

A hilarious video was recently posted on Instagram which went viral. The bite-sized video showed a man very obviously chewing gutka or chewing tobacco. The man then proceeds to call a stewardess and ask if she could open the window so that he can spit the gutka out of the window.

The passengers immediately burst into a fit of laughter at this hilarious request. The stewardess, too, is seen laughing. Even the person who made this hilarious request is seen laughing. This might mean that the entire video might have been a prank and that the passenger didn’t actually want the window to be opened.

This hilarious instance took place on an IndiGo flight. After all the negative news about multiple airlines in these past weeks, this news is a bit more light-hearted and the video definitely brings a smile to one’s face.

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Viral Video Received Many Reactions

The video was posted on Instagram and is less than 10 seconds long. It was posted by an Instagram user Govind Sharma. The caption to the video read “tag your gutka lover friend.” It is clear that many people found this short video hilarious. It went viral shortly after it was posted and has done rounds on the Internet on multiple platforms.

The original video posted on Instagram has received over 10 lakh likes and views. Since it is clear that the passenger in the video was only joking, the video has been taken in a stride by the Internet.

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Cover Image Credits: @govindsharma5906@Instagram