King Charles III Is Ready To Make A Dazzling Entry In The Gold State Coach At His Coronation!

by Shreya Rathod
King Charles III Is Ready To Make A Dazzling Entry In The Gold State Coach At His Coronation!

The coronation of King Charles III has been a hot topic for a while. And the world is excited to get a glimpse of the royal affair that is said to be carried out on May 6th 2023. From the dress to arrival, everything is going to be top-notch! Well, the king is set to arrive in style, of course. In fact, the Royal Family has revealed information about the royal ride!

King Charles III To Arrive In Diamond Jubilee State Coach!

Diamond Jubilee State Coach
Credits: Wikimedia

King Charles and Queen Camilla will take the Diamond Jubilee State Coach from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey. It was built in 2012 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. This carriage is decorated with primrose yellow silk inside, a surprise open floor plan, and wood species from past journeys and other monarchy-ruled nations. A border of elaborate carving and a gilded crown on top crown this extraordinarily tall carriage.

On May 6, the carriage will depart from Buckingham Palace, travel along Whitehall and Parliament Street, pass by Admiralty Arch and King Charles I Island to the south, and then arrive at Westminster Abbey.

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The Post-Coronation Ride In Gold State Coach

Gold State Coach
Credits: Wikimedia

Being a round trip, King Charles has a different fleet for his post-coronation ride, which is often a more elaborate event. His Majesty will travel in the Gold State Coach following his coronation. This gilded chariot has a lengthy history in the Royal Family. It was last seen in 2022 at the Pageant of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The Royal Collection Trust claims that since 1831, this carriage has been present at each coronation. This ride is about as regal as they get, from the painted panels of Roman gods and goddesses that punctuate the giltwood exterior to the velvet and satin finishes inside.

As for the attendees of the coronation, the government controls the guest list because the coronation is a state event. The prime minister, representatives from the Houses of Parliament, chiefs of state, and other royals from across the world will attend in addition to the Royal Family.

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So, are you excited to witness this royal affair?

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