King Charles III’s Coronation Party At A Grand P*nis-Mowed Lawn?! Deets Inside

by Mallika Khurana
King Charles III’s Coronation Party At A Grand P*nis-Mowed Lawn?! Deets Inside

After nearly 70 decades of Queen Elizabeth’s reign in England, her son, King Charles III, is all set for his coronation ceremony. The whole world has its eyes set on the royal ceremony. The ceremony is said to be a 6-part affair, which will be held at Westminster Abbey. Post the ceremony, a party has been planned at Royal Crescent in Bath. However, a phallic shape seemed to have become a giant highlight. On Thursday, lawnmowers at the venue reportedly played a prank and mowed a giant p*nis on the grounds of the celebration.

King Charles III’s Coronation Party Guests Were Left Horrified

A Georgian-themed party to celebrate King Charles III’s formal and grand coronation has been in the works. It is set to happen on the lawn of Royal Crescent in Bath. However, the mowed p*nis at the lawn seems to have stolen all the attention. The grand party on this not-so-royal ground is supposed to take place on Saturday.

The visitors to the place are said to have been horrified by this p*nis-shaped design. This alleged prank by the lawnmowers has not only left the royals shocked but has also amused the social media audience quite a bit. This post has made rounds on various platforms and is gathering a lot of attention.

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The Georgian-Themed Party Was Overshadowed

This is the first time since 1957 that a royal corporation has taken place, and this massive 30-foot design has certainly added some bitterness to the high-stakes moment for the royal family. However, the attendees of this party are already concerned about getting drenched in the expected rain at the venue. This phallus design might not be their biggest concern on the day of the celebration.

This venue with amazing architecture was built in the late 18th century. Considered one of the iconic Georgian strictures, it was perfectly chosen for the themed party, where the guests are invited to enjoy authentic Georgian cuisine. As per the invitation, the party is also a celebration of the 300th anniversary of the Georgian era. The flier also invited the attendees to relish all the delicacies whipped up by the Georgian cook.

The royal affair on Saturday may or may not be affected by this phallus design, and we cannot wait to know!

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/Mike Sington