Kit Kat Dosa Is The New Viral Dish & Netizens Want To Take A Break From The Madness

by Shreya Rathod
Kit Kat Dosa Is The New Viral Dish & Netizens Want To Take A Break From The Madness

Dosa is a South Indian comfort food and is extremely budget-friendly. It is a favourite among college students who struggle to manage their monthly pocket money. It is usually served with sambar and chutney, and not to mention the mouth-watering variety of dosas like neer, rava, Mysore masala and more! However, this tasty breakfast has been in the news for weird combinations! After trying dosa combinations with aamras and ice cream, now there is a Kit Kat dosa in town — take a look!

Have You Tried Kit Kat Dosa?

An Instagram user, @thegreatindianfoodie, posted a video of Kit Kat dosa — the new weird combination. The video starts with a vendor spreading the dosa batter on a hot skillet — just like any dosa is made. After spreading a little butter, he spreads chocolate sauce and cheese on it. Then, he starts cutting the dosa and rolls it with Kit Kat chocolates inside it.

The video has received over 226K views, 5.6K likes, and a number of comments since being shared. After seeing this strange meal combo, several individuals winced and voiced their disgust with the dish in the comments area. Nevertheless, some were open to trying this combination.

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Netizens Are Fed Up With The Madness

kit kat dosa
Credits: thegreatindianfoodie/ Instagram

Netizens are furious at this new dosa combination. Just like cheese, using chocolate in everything is not an option! Some South Indians would be cringing after watching this video. One of them wrote that he refuses this preparation and asks to stop these weird experiments with food. Others ask for the vendor’s licence to be cancelled. But the epic one was what will you answer to God after making this? In short, everyone’s mood is ruined after watching this Kit Kat dosa. They are ruining both dosa and kit kat for them!

However, there are a few people who would love to try this combination. Since they are chocolate lovers and willing to try new combinations, this one is a must-try.

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We already have a chocolate sandwich, and now this dosa! Comment below and share your thoughts with us about this dosa and if you will try it.

Cover Image Courtesy: thegreatindianfoodie/ Instagram