Did You Know There’s An Anti-Gravity Hill In India?

by Kritika Kukreja
Did You Know There’s An Anti-Gravity Hill In India?

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Check out this mind-blowing hill in Gujarat where vehicles roll up the hill if the brakes aren’t applied.

(Image Credit – Post Jagran) Feel the anti-gravity at Tulsishyam, Gujarat

What Is It? 

A place that is free from any force of gravity is known as anti-gravity. In Gujarat, one such place exists. Although, we can’t explain the phenomenon exactly, but there have been reports suggesting that the vehicles parked close to this hill tend to roll upwards if the hand brakes aren’t applied.

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(Image Credit – Post Jagran)
Roll up at the speed of 20 km/hr

That doesn’t mean people feel weightless, it is simply the balancing out of gravitational forces in this area. One such spot in India is the Tulsishyam hill in Gujarat. 

What Do We Know About Tulsishyam? 

There is a phenomenon called the ‘gravity hills’ that supports what is happening at Tulsishyam. The road upward that takes us to Tulsishyam creates an optical illusion for anyone traveling on the road. It makes us believe that the road going downward is actually going up.

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(Image Credit – YouTube)
Testing out the anti-gravity at Tulsishyam

It’s only an illusion like a mirage in the desert. Technically, the road goes upwards on the incline but due to visual illusions, we feel it otherwise.

Suppose you were going up the hill, you can easily turn your ignition off and you’ll still find yourself going up at the speed of 20 km/hr. It will seem as though you’re traveling down the hill, but you’ll manage to go up.

(Image Credit – YouTube)

There are other gravity hills present in India, but this one seems to be the most memorable.

What Else?

The local people of the area have a completely bizarre view of looking into this. They believe it is a supernatural phenomenon. The locals have said that this path leads them to heaven because we feel like we’re being pulled upwards.

There are a few more examples of such anti-gravity hills present around the world. In Scotland, the Electric Brae is one such hill which is a total delight to visit. The Gansu in China is also an example for the same.

Have you visited the Tulsishyam in Gujarat? Tell us all about your experience!