Kolkatans Are Facing Visa Delays To Travel To Europe. Here’s Why

by Shreya Ghosh
Kolkatans Are Facing Visa Delays To Travel To Europe. Here’s Why

Europe looks like an absolute dream in the summer season. No wonder why tourists from all around the world plan a lavish European holiday at this time of the year. The demand to book tickets and jet off to the stunning destinations of this continent is skyrocketing among Kolkatans. Unfortunately, not everyone can fulfil their dreams of travelling to these international destinations and there are so many reasons for all the changes in travel plans.

These Are The Reasons For The Visa Delays To Visit Europe

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Tourists are facing some problems and visa delays in so many Schengen countries. Both issues of an extreme increase in demand for Europe holidays and a dearth of enough personnel are being seen right now. According to a report by The Telegraph India- My Kolkata, there are no slots available for visa appointments to countries such as Germany and Italy, making it a total of 27 destinations. Not just issues with appointment slots, but the visa processing duration is taking a long time as well.

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Several issues such as the immense demand for Europe holidays, fewer personnel, and unavailability of visa appointment slots are coming together at this point. All these are worsening the delay in visas.

If you are wondering about the current situation of VFS Global, you cannot use the website to obtain a visa appointment slot. They have also mentioned it on their official website. According to The Telegraph India- My Kolkata report, there are some visa appointment slots for some European destinations available. Interested ones can use Visa At Your Doorstep for this.

Kolkatans Are Changing Their Destinations For Summer Holidays!

With no visa in hand at the right time, travellers have no option but to change their destinations altogether. The dream of spending some summer weeks in Schengen countries is going to be a dream for many this year. But this is not at all breaking the spirits and urge of the globetrotters to explore. They are choosing other international destinations to spend the summer holidays in 2023.

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What are your plans for the summer holidays? Which destination are you exploring this year?

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