Kolkatans Love Honeymooning In Seychelles And Maldives And Are Flocking To These Beach Paradises!

by Shreya Ghosh 160

If you are from Kolkata, you certainly have at least 3-4 wedding invitations to attend. Not to brag, but I have 5 to attend. And with so many beautiful weddings, newlyweds are exploring destinations for their honeymoon. Honeymooning in Seychelles and Maldives are turning out to be supreme favourites of most couples and we can completely understand their fascination for these beach destinations.

Couples Are In Love With Honeymooning In Seychelles



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T Selby Pillay is the high commissioner of the Republic of Seychelles and he was in the City of Joy very recently. According to a report by The Economic Times, he shared how Seychelles is evolving as a remarkable destination post-COVID-19 pandemic. Kolkatans are flocking to the beach destination for their destination wedding ceremonies and also honeymoons. In fact, this country attracts a massive crowd from Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu as well. The high commissioner also talked about the increase in inquiries now.

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There are endless reasons to choose Seychelles as a honeymoon or wedding destination. The pristine beaches, stunning blue skies, blue lagoons, white sand beaches, and more magic of Seychelles impress tourists. 

When In Doubt, Jet Off To The Maldives!


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According to a report by The Economic Times, the Chairman of the Federation of Travel Agents of India (East) shared how the Maldives is growing to be such a popular destination for tourists. Both post-pandemic and even during the COVID-19 pandemic, so many travellers visited this beachy paradise. Anil Punjabi shared how this tropical destination started welcoming tourists a long time back during the lockdowns, and that too before most of the other countries. In fact, the demand to visit the Maldives is still there. As shared by Anil Punjabi, they are receiving many questions still.

The Maldives holds immense natural beauty and a magical ambience making it a perfect romantic destination.

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Both Seychelles and Maldives are receiving immense love from tourists, especially honeymooners. In fact, they are also presenting themselves as the leading destinations, also for honeymoons. No matter if you are single or married, these picturesque tropical nations will never fail to surprise you!

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