Is Seychelles Budget Friendly? Here’s Everything To Know

by Sanmita A
Is Seychelles Budget Friendly? Here’s Everything To Know

When you think of exotic and exclusive beach vacations, Seychelles is the destination that comes to the mind. This place is known for its beautiful beaches, exotic properties and the amazing views it provides its visitors. Travellers have always been of the opinion that this destination only belongs to the premium travellers. On the contrary, it also serves and welcomes people of all sectors. If you plan to visit Seychelles in recent times, you can definitely plan for a budgeted trip there. As per media reports, at the moment, one can fly to Seychelles from Mumbai airport only. But with time, the frequency of flights is also going to increase.

Is Seychelles Affordable For The Indian Traveller?

As per surveys, Seychelles is less preferred by backpackers. But, if you plan a travel in advance with the right kind of budgeting, Seychelles is going to be a cherished memory for you. Obviously, the peak seasons for all destinations are super expensive. But if you research a little, and check out the other times of the year that you can be at Seychelles and have a good vacation, then you can get yourself a good vacation deal too. Additionally, for most budget friendly trips, it is best to do everything in advance, so that you can avoid all the last minute surge charges.

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All You Need To Know If You’re Visiting Seychelles

  • From India, Mumbai is the only airport that has flights to Seychelles.
  • As per a report on traveltradejournal, Bernadette Willemin from Tourism of Seychelles had said, ‘Seychelles has curated cultural experiences, adventure tourism, and diverse products to cater to all segments.’
  • It is a visa-free destination, so you have no additional hassle to take care of.
  • There are many adventure activities and islands you would want to visit. Make a plan in advance on things you’d want to do, to save some extra bucks. However, Willemin says that Seychelles has activities and sights for all kinds of budget travellers.
  • Seychelles is for everybody, says Willemin. So, it is very much likely, if you visit Seychelles and conduct a little research, a budget travel to this destination is possible for you.
  • If you are the luxurious kind of traveller, then Seychelles will be a paradise for you. Longer you stay the better experience you get.
  • As per food, budget travellers can stick to food trucks. And, for real savings, try to use the public transportation instead of renting private vehicles.

Seychelles, is not as famous as its other European counterparts in India. And, it aims to promote itself as a tourism destination in India through various media strategies.

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