Korean-But-Fully-Desi Influencer Takes Her Parents To Visit Taj Mahal & Show Them Incredible India

by Shreya Rathod
Korean-But-Fully-Desi Influencer Takes Her Parents To Visit Taj Mahal & Show Them Incredible India

People all around the world are fascinated by Indian culture and traditions. The historic palaces, structures, centuries-old handloom traditions, festivals and extraordinary culinary traditions. Everything contributes to making this country more colourful. Some foreigners are so fascinated by Indian culture that they take efforts to speak the language! This Korean influencer is so amazed by India that she takes her parents to the Taj Mahal!

Korean Influencer Takes Her Parents To Visit Taj Mahal


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A Korean influencer, Korean G1, loves Indian culture and takes efforts in learning and understanding them. Recently, she shared pics of her with her parents in front of the Taj Mahal, an iconic landmark and beautiful monument. She was sporting a nice pink salwar suit and posed with her parents and clicked some amazing pics.

In the Instagram post, she shared that she is the Indian daughter of her Korean parents. She further states that she took her parents to visit the Taj Mahal and they fell in love with the monument. Moreover, she loved talking in Hindi with their tour guide. Lastly, she was happy to show Incredible India to her parents.

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Foreigners Love India & Its Culture

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In India, language is not a barrier and people are very helpful. They will help you with directions and even give suggestions. Even if they don’t know English, they will figure out what you need. Another beautiful thing about India is that you will get affordable and a variety of food in every nook and corner. From fluffy idlis to khaman dhokla, you will get an array of dishes!

Indian culture is based on ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ which means ‘guest is equivalent to God’. and they live by the saying! The country offers so much that one visit is not enough to discover the country. From loud music to calming chants, there are several sounds you will hear.

But most importantly, people will help you and not expect anything in return. They believe that there is no payment for kindness. So, no matter what, they will help you!

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