Kriti Sanon Is The Kind Of Foodie Who Loves To Try Everything Unless It Is Bland

by Ankita Mazumdar
Kriti Sanon Is The Kind Of Foodie Who Loves To Try Everything Unless It Is Bland

Kriti Sanon is a wonderful person who is touching the skies with her talents. She has stepped into new shoes with a brand new film production company and her beauty line. She is over the moon as she is also delivering hit films. Recently, Kriti Sanon met our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, for a lovely episode of Sunday Brunch. They talked about her favourite destination for travel, her national award for the best actress, and more. Check out the whole video to know all about Kriti Sanon.

Kriti Sanon Loves Food But It Shouldn’t Be Bland

On this Sunday Brunch, while talking about Kriti Sanon’s first international trip to Dubai for a Manish Malhotra shoot, we asked her if she sticks to local food or strictly Indian cuisine when travelling abroad. To which Kriti replied, “I try everything. I am not stuck up with it but I need flavour. I can’t have bland food.”

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Honestly, that should be the ultimate motto when you are travelling. Getting to enjoy the local food and new cuisines is a part and parcel of travelling, why miss out on that? Also, no one likes bland food, right?

She Has Chef-ed It Up During The Lockdown Period

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We got to know that she is a great foodie. So we also wanted to know if she has any cooking skills. Kriti told us that she used to only cook Maggi, eggs, and chai. We, too, have been there at some point in life. Kriti’s mom accused her of not knowing how to cook anything, and she decided to prove her mother wrong.

Kriti surprised herself as well and fully went on to cook Thai Curry and a host of mutton and chicken dishes. Yum, when are we getting to taste these dishes made by you, Kriti? She also told us that she completely fell in love with baking.

She went on to do an advanced level of baking because she prefers to do things passionately. Kriti added that she has this quality of being super passionate about things she loves and will be fully invested in them.

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We had a blast with Kriti Sanon on this Sunday Brunch episode and got to know so much more about her career plans and life in general. Have you watched the video yet? Comment down below if you prefer to cook fancy meals at home or go out to eat.

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