Kusha Kapila Raves About Madua Atta Momos From Swiss Hotel, Nainital & We Wanna Try Them Now!

by Tooba Shaikh
Kusha Kapila Raves About Madua Atta Momos From Swiss Hotel, Nainital & We Wanna Try Them Now!

Kusha Kapila is a dynamic, uber-talented and extremely funny comedian who is now also an actor. She’s a true Delhiite at heart and one of the things that make her such a typical Delhi-wali is her love for momos. If you’re her fan, you know that her love for Momos is absolutely undying. And honestly? Same. She recently shared a picture of a unique plate of Momos and it looks so good, we’re dying to try it!

Kusha Kapila Raves About Madua Atta Momos

Kusha Kapila
Image Credits: @kushakapila/Instagram

Kusha Kapila is well-known for her funny skits, her ability to don different hilarious characters in them, and her amazing sense of humour! She has historically also never been shy about her eternal love for Momos. And honestly, we really don’t blame her. The more praise Delhi Momos get, the better! They deserve it all and more!

She recently took to her Instagram account and shared a unique plate of Momos. The first thing that you probably notice is that these are not your regular Momos. Because regular Momos have light brown skin but the skin of these Momos is very dark. If you’re thinking that it might be because of colour or activated charcoal, we have news.

In the picture, Kusha wrote how the Momos were actually made of Madua Atta. In case you don’t know what Madua Atta is, it is Ragi flour. Ragi is also known as finger millet in English. It is an extremely nutritious grain and is a great substitute for wheat. There are a number of dishes that you can make including but not limited to Momos!

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Her Love For Momos Is Quite Evident!


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Kusha Kapila has never been silent with her Momos. When it comes to Momos, her love is loud and proud! And it really shouldn’t be any other way! If you didn’t know how much she loved Momos, you only have to take a look at this reel above to learn all about it. The reel was shared last year in September and is still as funny as it was on the day it was posted!

Shakespeare depicted stages of life in a man’s life but it wasn’t nearly as hilarious as this reel by the Shakespeare of Indian Comedy. She hilariously shows the stages of life of a true-blue Momo lover, right from infancy to her deathbed. She even hilariously equates her addiction to Momos with addiction to drugs as a teenage version of her secretly buys illicit spicy Momos!

Truly, her wit and charm are unmatched and that’s why she’s so loved! Want to see her charm and wit even more? Watch the Sunday Brunch episode we did with her and Shilpa Shetty!

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Have you ever tried Madua atta momos? Would you like to if given the chance? Let us know in the comments section below!

Cover Image Credits: @kushakapila/Instagram

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