La Mer’s Inventing Room, Dessert Bar Shifts To Dubai Festival City

by Deeplata Garde
La Mer’s Inventing Room, Dessert Bar Shifts To Dubai Festival City

Many Emiratis are living their childhood dream of curating their “special editions of desserts” at the Inventing Room in Dubai. But there is news that might be a bitter pill to swallow. Dessert aficionados visiting the La Mer outlet of Inventing Room we are sad to inform you the place will serve its last sweet on May 31. But the best news is that the Inventing room is shifting to Dubai Festival City. Rejoice, my friends!

Inventing Room Shifts To A New Address In Dubai

Inventing Room has gathered a huge fan following for its huge range of crazy and unique desserts. We assure you that these kinda combinations are really hard to find elsewhere in Dubai. Fans of the snack bar will be able to order all of their favourite items from Oreo Space foam to steaming popcorn, frozen hot chocolate or the cookie monster dessert when it opens in August. The Inventing Room will move to Dubai Festival City Mall, above Bateel.

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Magical Dessert Bar

Inspired by the most celebrated movie, Charlie and Chocolate Factory, Chef Ian Kleinman couldn’t wait to be the Willy Wonka of the town. He found his life’s purpose and created inventing room to put his imagination, and skills to create something fun and unique. You might not see oompah-loompahs out there but the magic and sweetness are maintained well. And we can’t boast enough about the varieties of sweet treats you can create yourself or even get the ones from the shelf. He’s one of the best people to gift liquid nitrogen as he will create magic, drizzle something over and return it to you in the form of an amazing and outlandish dessert. It’s hard to resist it.

And if we gave you an idea that he creates only ice-cold desserts then we are sorry but there’s so much more than just freezing sweet treats. The inventing room serves a variety of sweet delicacies both hot and cold in an entirely exclusive science-lab dessert bar setting.

They also run catering services so you can also take magic home for your private events.

Well, it’s going to be a magical journey with Inventing Room!

Cover Image Courtesy: Insta/Inventing Room