₹1 Lakh Fine, 2 Year Jail Term For Violating Covid Rules In Jharkhand

by Drishti
₹1 Lakh Fine, 2 Year Jail Term For Violating Covid Rules In Jharkhand

As the Indian government strengthens its efforts to combat the pandemic, state governments are also tightening up their rules. The Jharkhand government announced a heavy penalty on July 23 for violating lockdown rules in the state. People can face a fine of up to 1 lakh, along with a jail term of up to 2 years, if they are found disobeying lockdown preventive measures. Meanwhile, the government had allowed food-delivery services to deliver alcohol across major cities in the state.

Jharkhand Government Passes New Measures To Regulate COVID-19

These clauses have been mentioned in the Jharkhand Contagious Disease Ordinance, which was approved by the Jharkhand Cabinet on July 22. People found flouting mask norms or spitting in public are liable to a fine of 1 lakh, and an additional jail term of up to 2 years. The order also allows the state government to declare any disease as contagious. The Federation of Jharkhand Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FJCCI) announced on July 21 that all the shops will remain shut for three days during the weekend. This decision comes in the light of growing number of Covid-19 cases, and has been approved by the Jharkhand Cabinet.

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Lockdown Violation Fines In Other States

Other states in India have also increased the penalties for violating lockdown rules. In Punjab, the current fine for violating social distancing norms is 10,000. In Maharashtra, the fines for flouting state lockdown rules range from 200 to 2,000. Covid-19 cases in the state have drastically gone up, and last weekend observed maximum police action to curb the pandemic. Meanwhile, first-time violators will be fined 500 in Delhi/NCR, and 1000 if a second-time violation is observed.

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What You Need To Know If You’re Travelling To Jharkhand

In-bound travellers need to provide their personal details to the state government before they commence their journey to Jharkhand. People entering the state by road, rail, or air will also be required to undergo 14 days of home-quarantine. Additionally, the state government has also brought in new protocols in place to tackle the virus.

With about 6,485 confirmed cases and 67 deaths so far, Jharkhand is one of the least affected states, as compared to other Indian regions.