Lavish Homes: Take A Sneak Peek Inside These 8 Most Luxurious Royal Residences Of The World

by Mallika Khurana
Lavish Homes: Take A Sneak Peek Inside These 8 Most Luxurious Royal Residences Of The World

When we think of a royal lifestyle, we immediately think of a never-ending closet, gourmet meals every day, and everything else that adds a sense of lavishness to life. To put it correctly, a royal life entails convenience mixed with a lot of grandeur. And honestly, nothing represents the resplendence of a royal life better than palaces. From prim gardens to glistening chandeliers, every element of a royal palace will catch your eye. There are many significant palaces around the world that have been used as royal residences and many that still are. Today, we are listing some of the most luxurious palaces (they are homes) in the world. 

Most Luxurious Royal Residences Of The World

1. The Royal Palace, Phnom Penh, Cambodia 

The Royal Palace
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An emblem of Cambodian heritage and extravagance, this exquisite palace in Phnom Penh is the official residence of the king of Cambodia and the royal family. This is certainly one of the top attractions for tourists in the country, as well as a symbol of royal mysticism for the locals. This beautiful structure is immensely regarded for its architecture and gleaming gold exterior.

2. Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen, Denmark 

Amalienborg Palace
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The official place of residence for the Danish Royal family, the Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen, is a perfect example of traditional Danish architecture. This fetching palace also consists of a museum that sheds light on the history of Denmark as well as the monarchy.

3. Tokyo Imperial Palace, Japan

Tokyo Imperial Palace
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The imperial family of Japan used to reside in Edo Castle, and Tokyo Imperial Palace was constructed on those same grounds. Located in the heart of Chiyoda-ku in Tokyo, this palace has numerous structures that serve as residences for the royal family.

4. Dar al-Makhzen, The Royal Palace Of Morocco

Dar al-Makhzen
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The exquisite residence of the king of Morocco is one of the most luxurious royal residences in the world and is also known as the Palais Royal. Situated in Fez, this beautiful palace hosts the royal family every time they visit the city. Built in 1864, this palace also has a mosque, a library, and a college on the grounds.

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5. The Royal Palace of Madrid, Spain

The Royal Palace of Madrid
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The royal family of Spain calls this stunning palace in Madrid home. Even though they don’t reside here permanently, the palace is still the venue for all state ceremonies. This ravishing palace is spread over 1,35,000 square metres and is one of the largest ones in the world.

6. The Prince’s Palace, Monaco

The Prince’s Palace
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Originally constructed in 1191, this palace serves as the residence of the sovereign prince of Monaco. This palace was also confiscated by the revolutionaries during the French Revolution and served as a workhouse and an infirmary for the army.

7. Drottningholm Royal Palace, Stockholm, Sweden

Drottningholm Royal Palace
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Situated in the capital city of Sweden, this palace is the private residence of the royal family of Sweden. Representing classic European architecture, this royal palace constructed in the 1600s is one of the most luxurious royal residences in the world. The garden of the Drottningholm Royal Palace is also recognised as a top tourist spot.

8. Buckingham Palace, London, England

Buckingham Palace
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Last but not least, Buckingham Palace has to be one of the most popular palaces in the world. Situated in London, this palace serves as the royal residence of the British royal family. It has been the official quarters of the British sovereigns since 1837.

These palaces are simply spectacular and truly represent the lavish charisma of the royal families that live there.

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