Let It Go, Let It Go! Live In Frozen World At North America’s Only Ice Hotel In Québec City

ice hotel
by Shreya Rathod

Watching the movie, Frozen had us dreaming about an ice castle where we could live. The magical world of Elsa and Anna and our dearest Olaf was only a dream up until now. You can now fulfil your wish at this hotel in Québec City and experience living in a ‘Frozen World’. Here are details of Hôtel de Glace, AKA Ice Hotel, that you visit and open the door to an enchanting world.

Ice Hotel: A Captivating Universe

ice hotel

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Hôtel de Glace has a different theme each year during the winter season from January to March. Moreover, the sculptures and interior of this enthralling venue are all carved out of ice. Upon entry, you will be greeted with a cocktail served in an ice glass. Even beds are made of ice! On a large snow block, there is a solid wooden bed frame placed with a mattress. Also, you will have isolating bed sheets and an artic sleeping bag. As the temperatures of these rooms are between -5 °C  and -2°C, your sleeping bags will keep you warm. Also, there is a strict dress code that requires you to layer your clothes and wear adequate warm apparel to avoid feeling cold.

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Upgrades To Nordic Castle

ice hotel

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Well, this unique place has backup plans, just in case. Hôtel Valcartier near Hôtel de Glace is your escape plan if you ever need it. They have saunas and private hot tubs for you to enjoy a little heat. Also, they have an in-built fireplace. The advice given by hotel authorities is that you should visit these warm places and prepare your body for the chilly surroundings. The ice hotel opens in phases and is currently in ‘Phase 3’. That means Grand Hall, Ice Bar, main entrance, sugar shack, and arctic spa and sauna have opened. The price of visiting this hotel starts from nearly ₹2000 for a day’s visit.

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Staying here is an experience you don’t want to miss. Come and live in this castle that will take you where you will hear Elsa sing, ‘Let it go, let it go!!

Cover Image Courtesy: Flickr