Libya Flood: The Before Vs After Viral Satellite Images Of Derna Are Heart-Breaking

by Anupriya Mishra
Libya Flood: The Before Vs After Viral Satellite Images Of Derna Are Heart-Breaking

Torrential rains caused flooding in Libya on September 10, as one of the dams burst open, which resulted in floods of muddy water, ravaging through the city. As a result, several buildings collapsed and were swept away by the currents! Nearly a quarter of the Eastern port of the city has been devastated. With the death toll continuing to rise, satellite images are doing rounds on the internet, which shows the wide-scale destruction caused by this flood.

Satellite Images Show Destruction In Derna

The devastating floods that have ravaged Libya have left the world shocked. However, a recent image doing rounds on social media shows the satellite view of Derna has been going insanely viral. The reason for this is that the satellite images reveal the full scale of disaster that has hit the country with there being stark differences between the before and after images. Before the flood hit the port city, it was fairly green and one could clearly see houses divided into lanes. However, after torrents of muddy water swept through the bridges and the city, several multi-storey buildings on the river bed now stand collapsed. With a major chunk of the shore being swallowed up by the river, water is seen gushing through the streets of this city.

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Over 5000 People Have Perished Away From The Flood

With a population of 90,000, the seasonal river that flows from the highlands is generally protected by dams from flooding. However, such images doing rounds on the internet, show the wide range of devastation caused by the destruction of one of the dams. It’s worth noting that the country has seen many years of war and uprisings. And the current devastation caused by the flooding, it is reported that over 5,000 people have died due to this catastrophe. As it happens, it is believed that 10,000 people are missing! In fact, according to a report by CNN, it was reported that more than 30,000 people have been displaced by the flooding in Derna. So as widespread destruction swallows the city, it’s worth mentioning that drinking water is short in supply and corpses litter the street.

As whole families have also been expected to have been wiped out by the storm, the scale of destruction is worse than what the officials had initially predicted. However, many countries have come forward with it and I sending in help for emergency assistance.

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