Like Having Eggs With Coffee For Breakfast? Here’s Why Health Experts Say It’s A Bad Idea 

If you often pair your eggs with a cup of coffee, health experts urge you to rethink this food pairing.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Like Having Eggs With Coffee For Breakfast? Here’s Why Health Experts Say It’s A Bad Idea 

It’s not uncommon to tuck into a delicious mushroom omelette or bite into scrambled eggs with toast and wash down your eggs with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. But the next time you decide to pair eggs with coffee, doctors and health experts say, you must think again! Read on to know why eggs and coffee should not be paired together.

Health Experts Say Pairing Eggs & Coffee Is A Bad Idea

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A report by The Mirror, states that while eggs and coffee seem like a match made in heaven from a flavour-profile perspective, from a nutrition perspective, it’s a match made in hell. Priya Bansal, a dietician, who formerly worked at Apollo Hospital, Delhi stated that eggs and coffee have their own individual benefits. She calls eggs, a powerhouse of proteins, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. In her opinion, the high caffeine content in coffee leaves one stimulated.

While eggs and coffee have individual benefits when combined, they can lead to negative side effects, says Bansal. The dietician states that when eggs are consumed with tea or coffee it can hinder absorption of certain nutrients. Food experts at Prepped Pots state that coffee and tea have properties that counteract how the body absorbs iron. So, it’s advised that one must drink coffee only after one hour of eating eggs.

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From Hindering Absorption To Causing Digestion, Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Have Them Together

eggs coffee
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Furthermore, Priya Bansal informs that coffee has compounds called polyphenols and tannins. When coffee is consumed with eggs, these compounds will act as an obstacle during the absorption of calcium found in eggs. Apart from hindering the absorption of calcium, pairing these two foods can also lead to indigestion. Eggs and coffee both produce gastric acid which can in turn cause heartburn, and acid reflux and leave one with an upset stomach. Similarly, food experts at Prepped Pots advise people to hold off on drinking coffee or tea for at least one hour after consuming eggs.

And if the above reasons still aren’t enough to convince you to stop pairing eggs with coffee for breakfast, let’s give you more reasons then. Both these food items have diuretic properties. What does this mean? Simply put, they make you pee more. And if you end up peeing more, you feel more dehydrated. So, if you ever end up pairing your omelette with a cappuccino, at least make sure you drink more water.

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Finally, dietician Priya Bansal also added that coffee might interfere with the absorption of medicines like antacids and antibiotics. So, if you’re taking certain medicines like antibiotics then having eggs and coffee together might disrupt the medicine’s efficacy and hinder absorption.

Meanwhile, the next time you crave these two food items for breakfast, avoid them. Or if the craving is too strong to avoid, at least down several glasses of water to combat dehydration.

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