Locals Share Food Secrets That Will Ease 48 Hours Acclimatisation In Ladakh

by Sanmita A
Locals Share Food Secrets That Will Ease 48 Hours Acclimatisation In Ladakh

Ladakh and Leh have lakhs of visitors every year. And this year, particularly after a number of deaths that occurred due to acute mountain sickness or AMS. The authorities have now made it mandatory for travellers going up to Ladakh to complete 48-hour acclimatisation before they head out and explore the higher altitude places. While getting used to the climate in Ladakh, it is important to comply with all the instructions that the authorities have listed and avoid further complications.

The locals also suggest that there is a list of foods and meals that you must eat and avoid in order to be less affected by the weather. People from the plains tend to rush into visiting higher altitude places without getting themselves acclimatised. Travellers with mountain sickness, tend to have lower oxygen levels and sometimes even chest pain.

Well, there are a few food items that the locals tell will help you in getting rid of the mountain sickness.

1. Garlic Soup

One of the most natural ingredients to fight the difficulty in breathing, cough and nausea is having Garlic soup. It is served by various hotels and restaurants in the high-altitude regions and is best for you to acclimatise yourself for your Ladakh trip.

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2. Stay Hydrated & Take In A Lot Of Fluids

The weather in cold regions is usually dry and it is mandatory for you to remain hydrated throughout. Keep drinking water and fruit juices to feel better and relieve yourself from the nauseousness.

3. Avoid Alcohol

It is best to avoid the high-altitude regions if you still have the mild symptoms of mountain sickness. And during the period, avoid drinking alcohol, as it might further your complications.

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4. Take Carbohydrates

It is important that you take more carbohydrates and fat and proteins initially. And also increase your iron intake during your acclimatisation period. Also, focus on eating good carbs like dates, bananas, oats etc.

5. Take Dried Fruits

Eating different kinds of fruits and vegetables is best during the acclimatization period. However, dried fruits are also excellent in proving anti-oxidants, minerals, and vitamins which can aid your acclimatisation period.


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