5 Precautions To Take Before Going On Your First Trek

by Ishita Agarwal
5 Precautions To Take Before Going On Your First Trek

Going on your life’s first-ever hiking trip may seem like any other break, but this frequently becomes a nightmare due to insufficient preparation. The adrenaline rush, pollution-free air, breathtaking hills and a less-trodden trail make hiking an amazing experience. However, if you are not appropriately prepared, then there are possibilities that you will land yourself in problems. Worry not! We have prepared a list of precautions before going on your first trek. 

1. Are You Fit Enough For Your First Trek

To prevent any health difficulties on the trail, you must check your fitness level before embarking on any expedition. Many trekkers are less prepared than they should be because of their hectic schedules and lack of a dedicated fitness regimen. Starting three to six months is necessary for your body’s stress levels to get acclimatised. Climbing up and down a flight of stairs may also be a good approach to imitate your hill training. Several repetitions of the method assist. 

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2. Taking Inappropriate Clothes 

It is common for trekkers to wear jeans because they feel they are thick enough to keep them warm. The truth is that jeans are among the most inconvenient items of clothing to bring along on a hike. They are cumbersome to get into and out of because of their size and weight. Also, if they become wet throughout the walk, it is incredibly difficult to dry them.

Is there anything more you can do? Carry a few extra layers on you. Always. If someone tells you otherwise, ignore them and keep going. Take three or five layers, depending on the season. Every layer should be thin. 

3. Buying the Wrong Backpack

It’s common for first-time trekkers to acquire backpacks based only on advice from the salesman. When they go to the shop, they don’t conduct enough research on their own beforehand.

What can you do instead? When purchasing a trekking backpack for the first time, do your homework to determine which bag is most suited for your first trek. 

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4. Staying Safe During Your Trekking Trip

Blisters are a common concern when hiking, particularly if your footwear is new. Using an antiseptic-soaked cotton ball and some duct tape to seal the wound is the best technique to treat blisters. Thanks to industrial-grade glue, the cotton ball will stay in place even when subjected to vigorous physical exercise. When travelling, always include a basic first-aid kit. A contingency plan can help you remain fit and healthy while trekking.

5. Invest In A Good Pair Of Shoes

On your first trek, your feet are the most important part of your body, and it doesn’t take much to maintain them in peak condition. A solid pair of water-resistant hiking boots are a must; they should provide enough support and breathability in addition to being water-resistant. After that, it’s time to break them in. What’s the secret? Wear them all the time. You may gather information during your workouts, trips to the store, and commutes to and from work. 

It’s always a good idea to be open to new experiences. An adventurer once remarked, “He who climbs onto the highest heights laughs at all misfortunes.”

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