Visiting Ladakh? Pre-book Your Hotel Rooms Or You Won’t Get One

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Visiting Ladakh? Pre-book Your Hotel Rooms Or You Won’t Get One

Ladakh had issued an advisory stating that people should pre-book their rides or bring in their own vehicle as they were facing a shortage of transport facilities due to the sudden rush. Now the Tourism Department of the Union Territory has issued another advisory which says that tourists should have a valid pre-booking for their accommodation, especially in the areas near Pangong Lake. 

Advisory Issued To Tourists And Holidaymakers

The Union Territory is suddenly facing a huge rush as the restrictions on travel were eased. In the wake of this, authorities in Ladakh have issued an advisory for holidaymakers and tourists asking them to not plan a stay until they hold a pre-booking. They have also advised the tourists to travel to the high-altitude areas like Pangong Lake, Changla, Tsomoriri, Khardongla and Penzela only 48 hours after their arrival in Leh. The advisory also read the authorities asking the tourists to maintain cleanliness at all the tourist spots and the routes as well. They have asked the tourists to abide by all the rules, and regulations and respect the culture and tradition. 

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World’s Highest Salt Water Body

The accommodation near the Pangong lake area is very limited because the area is a wildlife-notified sanctuary. The Pangong Lake is at an altitude of 4,350m and is the world’s highest salt water body which is 160km long. Two-thirds of the lake is in China and one-third in India. The surrounding around Pangong lake is so beautiful that it is the most visited every time people visit the union territory. 

Pic Credits: Tour My India

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