The Boutique Property, Dolkhar Is The Dreamiest Place To Stay In Ladakh

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
The Boutique Property, Dolkhar Is The Dreamiest Place To Stay In Ladakh

A spectacular landscape, crystal-clear skies, thrilling adventure activities, and Buddhist monasteries and festivals characterize Ladakh. The place is rich with traditions, values and culture as well. How about staying in a place in Ladakh that is amid mountains and is also luxurious with a tinge of tradition and culture of the place? Dreamy and Apt right? Well, Dolkhar boutique stay offers you exactly this. 

Everything Local, Preserving History And Culture

Dolkhar is a very beautiful and luxurious boutique stay in Ladakh. The place is built and designed very carefully keeping the heart of Ladakh pumping, that is, its traditional values and culture. Through art, architecture, and local cuisine, it seeks to preserve and promote Ladakh‘s history and culture. At Dolkhar, structures are built with locally sourced materials by local artisans and with local construction techniques. Creating an eco-system without waste and plastic has been the goal of the entire development process. The place is the result of a collaboration with more than 40 Ladakhi craftsmen who have beautified it with local materials. The use of CSEB (Compressed Stabilised Earth Blocks) for the building, traditional columns and beams and willow and poplar wood for making the roofs show how local tradition is in the heart of Dolkhar.  


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Taste: A Matter Of Expression

Dolkhar’s culinary counterpart, Tsas by Dolkhar, shares the same love influenced by its soil, in its practice and food. Dolkhar’s Tsas restaurant showcases modern Ladakhi cuisine built on respect for nature and seasonality that incorporates produce grown in the restaurant’s kitchen garden and from locally-owned, ethical, and sustainable producers. Rigzin Lachic who is the owner of this place ties regional identity to her every venture because her grandma would always remind her to make sure and give back to her homeland, Ladakh. 


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