Ladakh’s Nubra Valley To Soon Get A Makeover With Wi-Fi, Desert Cafes & More!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Ladakh’s Nubra Valley To Soon Get A Makeover With Wi-Fi, Desert Cafes & More!

Nubra valley will be developed into a tourism destination with enhanced facilities by the Ladakh administration through fences around Hunder sand dunes and the Sumoor desert. On Saturday, Lt Governor R K Mathur presided over a high-level meeting at the Raj Niwas and called for the welfare of double-hump Bactrian camels in Hunder as well as the issuance of fitness certificates for them.

A Landscaping Plan For Nubra

Lt Governor recommended that a landscape plan should be developed for Nubra and that fences be built around the sand dunes at Hunder for protection. Developing facilities like online booking facilities for camel rides, establishing cafés with toilets, waiting for area and wi-fi facilities, solar lighting, souvenir shops and parking space facilities. Additionally, he emphasized the need to install high mast lights so that camel rides can be conducted in the evening, to build platforms for riders to get on and off camels with ease, and to train camel jockeys.

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Nubra- A Multi-Destination Tourist Area

Mathur suggested conducting walks like the Silk route, heritage and nature with Astro tourism. Camels should be allowed shelter and grazing in a designated area, where camel jockeys can also grow fodder for them over the winter. Moreover, he recommended giving extra responsibility of grievance officer to tourism officers to deal with visitor complaints and prepare plans to develop tourism activities in the Sumoor desert.

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