Lockdown Rules: Shillong Prefers Walking Over Cabs

by Sanjana Shenoy
Lockdown Rules: Shillong Prefers Walking Over Cabs

As the nation looks forward to normalcy after months, Shillong prepares for a life with the coronavirus and even one beyond it. A section of people in this city decided to become self-reliant when it comes to travelling. They feel avoiding transport is the best way to reduce the risk of contracting coronavirus. Residents of the capital of Meghalaya prefer walking to cabs, especially shared cabs. Besides, these difficult times have compelled taxi drivers in Shillong to overcharge fares. Some residents now resort to booking the entire taxi instead of taking shared cabs, or prefer walking the stretch. So read on to find out how and why Shillong prefers walking over taking cabs post lockdown.

Residents Of Shillong Prefer Walking To Taxis

A resident from Shillong states to TOI that walking has become an integral part of her life since the nationwide lockdown was imposed in March. She elaborates that earlier she used to travel by cabs. But now avoiding public transportation is the best way forward at this point in time to reduce the risk of infection.

A taxi driver, D Majaw reveals that post lockdown people might never use shared taxis. This is a popular mode of transport in the hilly city. He informs that from now on if people wish to travel by cabs they might book the entire taxi. Meanwhile, many people from Shillong believe that the government could handle the lifting of restrictions on taxis in Shillong in a better manner.

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Taxi Drivers In Shillong Overcharge Fares

A cabbie states to TOI that with the preset arrangement both the driver and passengers are at the receiving end. He points out that while the government hasn’t hiked taxi fares, it has restricted the number of passengers allowed to ferry at a time. On June 3 the police in Shillong didn’t permit passengers to sit in the front seat. But according to the directives of the district administration, cabs can ferry three passengers, one in front and two at the back.  Shillong is one of the 10 Best Road Trips You Can Take In India

When it comes to passengers, they complain that no clear directive is received from authorities. So, cab drivers have started overcharging their fares. A passenger points out being charged ₹30 from Dhanketi to Barik which is less than a kilometre. Another passenger reveals to TOI that he was charged ₹20 from Barik to Laitumkhrah. This distance is just 1.5 km and the usual fare is just ₹10. Did you know Kolkata Cabs Use Plastic Separators For Social Distancing?

Yet another passenger in Shillong informs that a cabbie was willing to ferry him from Motphran to Dhanketi for ₹40 fare. Some passengers argued that taxi drivers in Shillong suffered losses due to the pandemic. So it’s alright if they charge a little more than the usual fare. If you’re excited to know more about travelling to Meghalaya, then here are  8 Reasons To Visit Meghalaya Once In Your Life