London’s Dabbadrop, Inspired By Dabbawalas, Is An Eco-Friendly Food Delivery Service

by Ankita Mazumdar
London’s Dabbadrop, Inspired By Dabbawalas, Is An Eco-Friendly Food Delivery Service

A new venture has brewed up for the people of London and we cannot contain the excitement for them. The mere thought of having the service of dabbawalas in the lanes of London is enough to bubble the excitement for the whole of Indians staying there. How amazing it is to picture the dabbawalas of Mumbai cycling with numerous bags in the streets of London. DabbaDrop did the same thing with a tiny twist and kept their Indian roots intact. Check them out and read further about them.

London’s Dabbadrop Is Delivery Food Like Dabbawalas

DabbaDrop is a joint initiative of Anshu Ahuja from Mumbai along with her friend, Renee Williams. They took up the idea of dabbawalas from Mumbai and gave it a twist by making it eco-friendly. They focus on preparing their plant-based food with zero-waste methods.

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DabbaDrop is dropping dabbas like it’s hot! They have specially curated their menu keeping in mind the great Indian palette. The menu ranges from Indian, Japanese, Vietnamese, and more flavours. You can even switch it up from Aloo Tuk to Bombay Sandwich to Baby Aubergine Recheado to Greens Goma-Shoga because their menu changes every week.

Just like you have reusable tin tiffins in Mumbai, DabbaDrop also delivers brilliantly home-cooked food in the same tin dabbas in the United Kingdom. Now, home doesn’t feel that far from London, does it? So, go ahead and satisfy those typical Indian taste buds with DabbaDrop.

Get On Board With London’s Dabbawala

You have to schedule a delivery, after signing up for DabbaDrop. They have an option for weekly or fortnightly delivery, depending on your needs. Professional chefs cook for the orders and ensure to give you the healthiest and tastiest meals.

Just as they are concerned about zero food waste, they are also concerned about polluting the air while delivering thousands of dabbas every day. Therefore, they have cyclists delivering hot food right to your doorstep. DabbaDrop indeed is taking massive steps toward keeping the environment clean. From the reusable dabbas to zero waste to cycles for delivery, it is an overall great initiative.

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Now, no need to think about what to have for dinner after a hectic day out. Just DabbaDrop it and relish the lovely food.

Cover Image Credits: Instagram/dabbadrop