London’s Stansted Airport Sees Busiest July With 2.81 Million Passengers; Makes Best Recovery Ever

by Shreya Shriyan
London’s Stansted Airport Sees Busiest July With 2.81 Million Passengers; Makes Best Recovery Ever

When COVID-19 hit the world, the travel industry amongst many others was one of the worst affected. Flights were cancelled, trains were stopped and airports were shut. But now, it seems like the world is falling back into order. And the airport that is getting the best of the revival is London’s Stansted Airport. 

London’s Stansted Airport Witnesses Its Busiest Month Ever In July

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Image Credits: @STN_Airport / Twitter

The Stansted Airport in London has apparently just experienced its busiest July ever. It is reported to have been used by a total of 2.81 million passengers. And that isn’t all: The airport also witnessed its third-busiest month, in its history, reported TimeOut.  

In the airport’s history, August 2018 and August 2019 were the busiest, stated the report. Gareth Powell, the managing director of the airport, informed City AM that record numbers of people are choosing to fly from London’s Stansted. He credited the excellent value and wide range of options offered, as per TimeOut reports. 

He expressed confidence that this trend will persist throughout the rest of the summer.

Last month, Stansted claimed the top spot as the UK’s leading airport for direct flights to Europe. Spain, Italy, and Turkey emerging as the most sought-after destinations, stated reports. Despite the record-breaking stats, Stansted’s performance remains unaffected. 

An impressive 97% of passengers breeze through security in 15 minutes or less. A remarkable speed that stands in contrast to the delays experienced at other London airports like Gatwick, reported TimeOut.

Reports also said that Stansted is gearing up to handle more passengers with an announced extension proposal. The plan includes major upgrades to the existing terminal building, aiming to enhance efficiency and increase capacity.

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Where Is The City’s Busiest Airport Located?

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Image Credits: Canva (representative Image)

Stansted Airport, located in Essex, England, is a bustling international airport serving millions of passengers each year. It features a modern terminal with various amenities, making the travel experience convenient and enjoyable. 

Airlines from around the world operate regular flights to numerous destinations, making it a popular choice for both leisure and business travellers. With its strategic location and excellent connectivity, Stansted Airport continues to play a crucial role in the aviation network.  

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The news of the packed airport comes as a positive outcome because this also means that employment opportunities have resumed more than ever. Especially, in the aviation sector. 

Cover image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons (Representative Image)