Looks Like Fish, But Tastes Like? This Faridabad Eatery Serves 100% Veg Dishes With Meaty Spin

by Sanjana Shenoy
Looks Like Fish, But Tastes Like? This Faridabad Eatery Serves 100% Veg Dishes With Meaty Spin

Vegetarians, if you’ve always wanted to enjoy the flavours of meat but in a plant-based form, then there can’t be a better place to satiate your cravings than Faridabad’s Tandoori Hut. From Butter Chicken to Pomfret Fry to Mutton Korma, this Faridabad eatery serves an array of vegetarian dishes with a meaty spin. Read on to know why you should grab a bite here.

Faridabad Eatery Serves Veg Dishes With Non-Veg Look & Flavours

Food vlogger, Gaurav Wasan @youtubeswadofficial recently shared a reel of his visit to a 100% vegetarian eatery, Tandoori Hut in Faridabad which is known for serving innovative dishes that have a special place in the hearts of vegetarians. In the video, the food vlogger shows his followers plates of what look like just like Pomfret Fish, Chicken Tangdi and Mutton.


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He goes on to reiterate that all these dishes are 100% pure vegetarian. “Why are you fooling people?”, he asks. The vendors reply that they aren’t fooling customers. Rather, the dishes actually taste just like non-vegetarian dishes. They go on to show fry their plant-based Pomfret fish and add skewers of “chicken” in the tandoor.

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What Do Netizens Think About These Dishes?

Gaurav goes on to show plates of buttery Butter Chicken and spicy Mutton Korma, which are also 100% vegetarian. At Tandoori Hut in NIT Faridabad, you can grab a bite of their delicious snacks starting from ₹240 onwards. Ever since the video hit Instagram, it went on to garner around 40,000 views and over 30,000 likes.

 Faridabad Eatery

But many Netizens wondered why vegetarians would want the texture and taste of non-veg food in the first place. Another person suggested such dishes to be a way to stop animal cruelty. Many stated that if vegetarian dishes looked like meat, it may put them off. But some Instagrammers speculated this to be a great way to serenade non-vegetarians who are transitioning into vegetarians.

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Foodies, are you excited to try 100% veg Pomfret Fry, Butter Chicken, Mutton Korma and more at this Faridabad eatery?

Cover Image Courtesy: @youtubeswadofficial/ Instagram