Lucknow: Drunk Thief Enters A House To Rob; Falls Asleep In An AC Room

The incident was reported in Lucknow's Indira Nagar.

by Shreya Ghosh
Lucknow: Drunk Thief Enters A House To Rob; Falls Asleep In An AC Room

Temperatures are surging alarmingly in most parts of India. This temperature rise has been accompanied by severe heatwaves, constantly tiring people. Even drinking chilled water is not helping to beat the heat. The only option to cool off is to be inside an air-conditioned room. Recently, a thief in Lucknow was caught sleeping in an AC room in someone’s house.

This Thief Tried To Rob A House In Lucknow

F_Malik11🩺 (@F_Malik11) took to the X platform to share an image of the thief in deep slumber.

This bizarre incident took place on Sunday in Indira Nagar. This drunk man broke into an empty house in Lucknow in an attempt to steal. However, the thief sought respite from the heatwave by breaking into the air-conditioned room. And in no time, he peacefully fell asleep on the floor.  The incident has left Netizens in splits.

According to a report by The Financial Express, he tried to rob the house on Sunday early morning. Dr. Sunil Pandey is the owner of the house but he was out of the station during the time of the robbery. The thief took advantage and headed inside the property. First, he broke the front gate. Next, he went into the house and stole a few things.

While he planned to steal and run, he could not resist taking a break on seeing the AC. Later, he switched it on and completely dozed off. The man kept a cushion on the floor and enjoyed a good sleep. However, his relaxing time was disrupted by the police.

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Police Arrested Him

Neighbours were aware that the owner was not at the house. They became suspicious as the front door was open. Soon, they called the police and informed them about the incident. The police woke him up and arrested him. Identified as Kapil, he has been charged under the IPC section 379, according to a report by The Times of India.

He stole money, a gas cylinder, a washbasin, and a water pump before getting arrested by the authorities, according to a report published by The Indian Express.

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Have you ever heard of such an unusual incident before?

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ F_Malik11🩺 (@F_Malik11)

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