Ludhiana: Drunk Driver Left Truck On Train Track; Collision Avoided Thanks To Alert Train Driver

A drunk driver drove the truck and left it on the rail tracks. A major collision with the Golden Temple Express was avoided, thanks to the train operator who slowed down the train.

by Shreya Rathod
Ludhiana: Drunk Driver Left Truck On Train Track; Collision Avoided Thanks To Alert Train Driver

A drunk truck driver abandoned the vehicle on the railway track close to Ludhiana Railway Station on Friday, November 24, and fled the scene, which could have resulted a serious accident in Punjab’s Ludhiana. The train driver noticed the vehicle on the railroad track and applied emergency brakes, halting the Golden Temple Express that was supposed to arrive at the station shortly.

Ludhiana: Drunk Driver Left Truck On Rail Tracks

According to sources, late on Friday night, an intoxicated truck driver drove the vehicle on the railway track close to the Sherpur overpass. The truck got trapped between the tracks, so the driver fled the scene, leaving the truck on the track. As word of the truck’s discovery on the railroad track spread, commuters at the Ludhiana Railway Station became frightened. The police squad arrived at the location and removed the truck from the railway track after learning about it.

Although the Golden Temple Express’s loco pilot promptly engaged the brakes, the train made contact with the truck on the track during the stop. There were no recorded fatalities or injuries from the incident. Social media users have been sharing a video of a truck that is caught on a train track. The video shows the police team and other members attempting to free the truck off the track.

When the Express train’s alert loco pilot promptly applied the brakes, a serious accident was avoided. According to sources, as a precaution, the Swarn Shatabdi Express (12030), which was supposed to go from Ludhiana to New Delhi, was also halted.

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With the assistance of a crane, the Government Railway Police (GRP), Railway Protection Force (RPF), Railway Traffic, and Engineering Department personnel removed the vehicle from the track and freed the trains that had been stopped following the discovery of the event.

Other Accidents Involving Drunk Driver

drunk driver accident
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1. Vijayawada Accident

Early on Sunday morning, there was a traffic collision recorded at Vijayawada’s Executive Club Junction. A speeding car struck the two bikes and four children riding them from behind, causing minor injuries. As to the statement of P Bhaskara Rao, the assistant commissioner of police for the central division, Manohar, 46, a resident of Guru Nanak colony in the city, is the accused who operates a glass company in the NTR district near Ibrahimpatnam.

2. Maharashtra Accident

In Chandrapur, eastern Maharashtra, a truck collided with an auto rickshaw, killing four people and injuring three more, according to authorities on Thursday. According to an official, the truck driver was intoxicated when he was brought into custody. The event happened on Wednesday night at about nine o’clock in the Babupeth neighbourhood of the Ramnagar region, he said. The truck was travelling from Ballarshah to Chandrapur, while the seven-person auto rickshaw was travelling the other way.

3. UP Accident

In Dhaulana, Hapur, late on Wednesday night, a speeding truck crashed into a roadside dhaba, killing four people and injuring three more. Around 10 pm, the truck driver was reported by the police to have been intoxicated and taken into custody.

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When the disaster occurred, they had just finished their work and were enjoying dinner.

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