Madhya Pradesh Metro: Indore Metro From Palasia To Airport Will Run Underground

by Tooba Shaikh
Madhya Pradesh Metro: Indore Metro From Palasia To Airport Will Run Underground

India does not have a lot of underground metros. Recently, the very first underground metro was inaugurated in Kolkata. Now, after Kolkata, Indore is all set to get an underground metro railway line. This line will run from Palasia to the airport. Many details about the metro line are not yet finalised and are still pending approval. Even though the construction has not yet begun, the Madhya Pradesh metro officials have said the line will have at least three stops.

Madhya Pradesh Metro: Underground Metro In Indore

Madhya Pradesh metro
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Recently, the managing director or MD of the Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited or MPMRCL, Manish Singh held a public discussion where he disclosed new and changed plans for the Indore metro railway.

Earlier, this project was going to be entirely above ground. However, seeing how it would necessitate disrupting important cultural and heritage sites, the officials decided to change their initial plan.

Now, according to this new plan, the tracks from MR 10 to Robot and then to Palasia, will be above the ground. However, after that, the tracks will go under the ground. According to what Singh said, there will also be changes in the locations of some stations.

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Tracks Will Pass Under Kahn River

Madhya Pradesh metro
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Manish Singh also revealed that the part of the metro track will pass from underneath the Kahn River. It will go underground from the Shastri Bridge locality and head toward MG Road. There will be an underground station at Regal Square as well as near where the IMC shop is currently located.

Singh also specified that the track will run at a distance of 250 metres away from the Rajwada Palace in order to ensure that the historic and cultural landmark is not damaged or harmed while the construction is taking place.

From there, the metro will head to another underground station which will be established near the Chota Ganpati temple located near the Malharganj police station. The construction of the line is said to begin soon.

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