Madurai Airport: From Departure Entry Gates To Conveyor Belts, AAI To Enhance Airport Premises

Madurai Airport will witness some massive changes to improve passenger handling capacity.

by Shreya Ghosh
Madurai Airport: From Departure Entry Gates To Conveyor Belts, AAI To Enhance Airport Premises

Passenger footfall is increasing rapidly in all airports all around the world. From domestic to international airports, more and more traffic of flyers is rising. Madurai Airport is soon going to be developed and retransformed seeing the uptick in the rush of passengers. The Airports Authority of India is now planning to remodel and develop the airport premises. Let’s take a look at the construction plans.

Madurai Airport To Get Check-In Counters, Gates & More

Madurai Airport
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

Enough developed infrastructure and services need to be available to control passenger traffic even during the peak seasons and rush hours. The Airports Authority of India is planning to install a departure entry gate to facilitate smooth passenger movement on the airport premises. Along with this, an entry gate dedicated to the airport staff and VIPs will be installed as well, according to a report by The Times of India. Many CCTV will also come up near these gates.

Madurai airport will also get check-in counters for smoother facilities. According to the plans, check-in counters are increasing to 28 from 16. While reconstructing the premises, the counters will be shifted to the first floor. Immigration counters will expand to 16 from 12. There are chances for the immigration counters for international arrival trips to extend to 14 from 12.

The present capacity of handling passengers at peak hours is about 700 passengers for both domestic and international journeys. It is expected that the rush hours might witness about 2,600 flyers and to control the rush and increase the capacity, infrastructural developments are coming up.

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There Will be X-BIS Machines As Well

Madurai Airport
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

These machines will be installed in both domestic and international security hold areas. For domestic, the plans are to add 2 X-BIS machines. To accommodate both, retiring rooms will be broken and then transformed for the machines. The international security hold area will get 1 X-BIS machine, increasing to 3 from 2. There are also plans to upgrade the Madurai airport by adding conveyor belts at different parts.

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These are all the plans of the Airports Authority of India to upgrade the Madurai Airport.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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