Maharashtra Is Now Stamping Your Hand If You Are Asked To Self-Quarantine

by Gizel Menezes
Maharashtra Is Now Stamping Your Hand If You Are Asked To Self-Quarantine

Every now and then we hear the bizarre yet scary news of individuals fleeing from isolation facilities in India. With many reported cases of patients escaping quarantine and risking the lives of hundreds of others, and causing unnecessary panic, the Government of Maharashtra has decided to come up with a solution for those under self-quarantine.

Image Courtesy: The Hindu

Why Has The Maharashtra Government Decided To Stamp People Observing Self-Quarantine?

In Mumbai currently, there are more than 500 people under home quarantine. To combat the possible spread of the virus from these suspected individuals and prevent them from further risking others, the Maharashtra Government has asked all officials at hospitals and airports to put a stamp on the back of the left palm of all suspected individuals, with the date of isolation, who are asked to be home quarantined.

The ink used is indelible and remains for a long period of time, which is very useful in case the coronavirus symptoms show up in the upcoming 14 days. If these individuals show up in public, it will be easy to identify them and alert the authorities. The stamp reads as, “Proud To Protect Mumbaikars – Home Quarantined”

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has also appealed that those who have been advised home quarantine must voluntarily refrain from stepping out in public to prevent any risk to others. He also asked the masses to follow basic precautions, not to spit in public and maintain personal and public hygiene.

As per protocol, all passengers coming from or transiting through United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait are required to undergo a 14-day quarantine when they arrive in India.

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Can The Government Punish People If Self Quarantine Is Not Practised?

The State Government has also made it a punishable offense if any person attempts to evade the compulsory quarantine, or breaks home quarantine. Such people would be forcibly moved to a government isolation facility.

Maharashtra is currently grappling with the highest number of coronavirus cases in the country at 39. The third coronavirus-related death took place today in Mumbai, where Prakash Modi, a 64-year-old man from Ghatkopar with a travel history to Dubai breathed his last in Kasturba Hospital. His wife and son have also tested positive for the virus.

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