Mahatma Gandhi Mural Made Of 2975 Clay Kulhads Unveiled In Sabarmati Riverfront

by Sanjana Shenoy
Mahatma Gandhi Mural Made Of 2975 Clay Kulhads Unveiled In Sabarmati Riverfront

On January 30, Home Minister Amit Shah unveiled a massive mural of Mahatma Gandhi made of 2975 clay kulhads at the Sabarmati Riverfront. The mural was inaugurated on the event of Mahatma Gandhi’s 74th death anniversary and Martyrs’ Day. The event was attended by Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel and Union MSME Minister Narayan Rane. The mural made with clay kulhads weighs a whopping 3200 kg. It’s a sight to behold the celebrates the sheer brilliance of Indian craftsmen and potters. Read on to know more about this mural.

Mahatma Gandhi Mural Made With Kulhads Weighs 3200 Kg

To bring this one-of-a-kind mural to life, around 75 potters were trained in a workshop in Ahmedabad. With training in the production of ‘Glazed Ceramic Crockery’, the potters created 2975 clay kulhads. They arranged it on an aluminium sheet to form the image of the ‘Father of our Nation’. According to a report by, this is the second of its kind in India with the first one, a stainless steel charkha erected at Sabarmati Riverfront. The mural measures 100 square metres and weighs 3200 kg. Each kulhad has a diameter of 75mm and a height of 90mm.

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mahatma gandhi mural
Picture Credits: ANI

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This Massive Eco-Friendly Mural Empowers Potters

Home Minister Amit Shah empowered the potters with electric potter wheels. , the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) commissioned the mural to mark the occasion of Gandhiji’s 74th death anniversary. The mural made with handmade eco-friendly kulhads, represents the deep-rooted philosophies of Gandhiji. And it’s truly a sight to behold, so do visit Sabarmati Riverfront to catch a glimpse of this creation.