Make Your Pathaan Watching Experience An Immersive One! Watch SRK On INOX IMAX Screen

by Suchismita Pal
Make Your Pathaan Watching Experience An Immersive One! Watch SRK On INOX IMAX Screen

We SRK fans cannot hold our calm at all as Pathaan is hitting the screens on Jan 25, 2023. And the King’s comeback on the big screen deserves to be enjoyed in the biggest way, on the biggest screen, with the best picture and sound quality. And that’s why you should head to IMAX screens at INOX to watch Pathaan like a Nawab. Are you ready to immerse in the most revolutionary cinematic experience? Read on.

The Grand Celebration Of Pathaan On Big Screen Needs Grand Viewing With IMAX

With enormous carved screens, crystal clear laser-sharp images, heart-pounding audio and highly comfy seats, IMAX screens at INOX bring the movies to life and make you forget the world. Catch the mind-boggling blockbuster action sequences of Shah Rukh Khan, John Abraham and Deepika with dual projection, reflective extra bright screen and tallest aspect ratio, and feel like being a part of the scenes only at your nearest IMAX theatres. IMAX auditoriums enhance the sound, too, for an immersive feel, you hear the whisper over your shoulder and the rumbling bass with endless sweet spots and precise speakers orientation.

Dig Your Forks Into Special Pathaani Biryani

Movies can be the ultimate adventure when you’re at IMAX. Once at the IMAX screens, you wouldn’t be heading anywhere else for a movie. We’re heading to IMAX in INOX at Inorbit Mall, Malad, for a highly enthralling experience. Well, the IMAX Pathaan experience isn’t just limited to the screen and the grand theatre but extends to food as well. While enjoying the movie, you can dine like a Nawab, too, with their Special Pathaani Biryani with free Masala Coke at 400, available only at INOX Insignia. And when there’s biryani accompanying SRK’s movie on IMAX, what more can we ask for?


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So, cinephiles, hurry up and book your tickets for IMAX screens right away. Enjoy the INOX IMAX experience in Mumbai, Bangalore, Lucknow, and Kolkata.

Kusri ki peti baadh lijiye aur miliye Pathaan se, only at an INOX IMAX near you!

IMAX locations:


  • INOX R-City Mall, Mumbai
  • INOX Inorbit Mall, Mumbai


  • INOX Mantri Square, Malleshwaram
  • INOX RMZ Galleria Mall, Yelahanka


  • INOX South City Complex


  • INOX Megaplex at Pheonix Palassio Mall