World Environment Day: Maldives, Fiji & Other Beautiful Islands That May Submerge Underwater Before We Know It!

by Shreya Ghosh
World Environment Day: Maldives, Fiji & Other Beautiful Islands That May Submerge Underwater Before We Know It!

Climate changes and global warming are leading to destruction all around the globe. We did not stop ourselves before and now we are bound to face the harsh consequences. Many islands are drowning underwater because of the high rise in sea level due to the melting of polar ice and the numbers are increasing every other day. According to scientists, we will be losing some of the gems on earth underwater by the end of the 21st century.

These Islands Are Facing The Most Threats Of Submerging Underwater:

1. Maldives

The Maldives attracts a huge population of tourists every year. Home to luxurious resorts right on the lap of the magical nature is in a deep threat of being underwater by the end of the 21st century. According to the World Bank and many institutions, the extreme sea-level rise will lead this South Asian country to submerge underwater.



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2. Tuvalu

Tuvalu might soon become uninhabitable because of the severe rise in sea levels. The impact of climate change and its consequences are acting hard on this island. The world will lose this beautiful island underwater due to the threats of higher sea levels and shoreline receding.

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3. Shishmaref

Shishmaref is probably facing the most risks on this list. This island of Alaska is facing the harsh consequences of climate change for the last couple of decades. The US Department of the Interior states that this island already drowned up to 100 feet since 1997. The population here is not even 1000 and still, they have to often relocate due to the horrific situations.

4. Fiji

The island country of the South Pacific Ocean is at high risk of submerging underwater in the coming future. The climate changes are real and leading to rising in the sea level. Villages around this island had to relocate in the past and they have faced a huge loss of shoreline and drowning as well. In the coming decades, the increase in polar ice melting will lead the beautiful island to submerge underwater.

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5. Riposolomon

Riposolomon Islands of Oceania house almost 1000 stunning islands and unfortunately they are growing underwater. The islands of the South Pacific Ocean are going through submerging for a long time now. The environmental and science journal Environmental Research Letters state that 5 islands have already drowned. People started noticing the changes first in 1993 and various reports state that Riposolomon submerges and the water rises almost by 8 mm continuously every year.