Man Books His Dream Holiday Cruise For ₹17+ Lakh, It Leaves Without Him. Ouch!

by Shreya Ghosh
Man Books His Dream Holiday Cruise For ₹17+ Lakh, It Leaves Without Him. Ouch!

We all have a dream of exploring new destinations and travelling to the most beautiful corners of the world. Ever imagined what if we spent all the money to book our holidays but cannot end up completing it? Well, isn’t the most heartbreaking? Something very similar happened to a 72-year-old man who booked a luxury cruise holiday for more than ₹17 lakhs but unfortunately could not complete the journey to tick off all the destinations of this cruise ride from his bucket list. What really happened that this man could not finish his trip? Read on to know his story!

This Man Spent Over ₹17 Lakh For His Dreamy Cruise Trip

Picture credit- Canva

Here’s the story of Christopher Chapel, a 72-year-old man who booked this trip spending 17,500 pounds. This lavish round-the-world journey began back in the last year and even after booking the trip by spending such a whooping amount, the British man could not enjoy his holiday as expected. This dreamy cruise left on its own journey crossing waters and leaving Christopher in the Philippines. Disheartening, right?

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Here’s Why Christopher Was Left In Between Of This Holiday?

The journey was going well until he started getting sick in the middle of his trip. Suddenly, he felt nauseated and had to rush to the doctor for a checkup. The doctor on the cruise recommended Christopher go through some tests else he won’t be able to get on board, according to a report by LadBible.

Later on 4 March, he went for a check-up in the Philippines. He got off from the cruise for the tests but little did he know back then that this is going to be the end of his cruise holiday. Though the test results were fine and he had nothing to fear as it was a mild heatstroke, the biggest shock was the cruise leaving without him.

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Chapel returned back to the UK on 7 April but his journey was not the easiest. He could not fly on a flight to reach Manila due to health concerns. Rather, he had to reach Manila on a boat and then catch a flight from there to travel back to the UK. He and his niece have already informed the cruise and contacted travel insurance about all these incidents.

Christopher also shared with LadBible how he felt that it was a comical cock up. He did not have any serious health concerns. Also, he visited a hospital for a check-up and the people of the cruise and company must have known that the entire process takes a longer time.

At the moment, he has safely reached his house and waiting for his luggage.

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