Italy’s Longest River Po Fears Extremely Dry Summers, Cruise Bookings May Get Cancelled

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Italy’s Longest River Po Fears Extremely Dry Summers, Cruise Bookings May Get Cancelled

The Bolzano climate and environment agency, the longest river in Italy, the River Po, has already come down to the level it was last summer. The winter snow fields that typically prevent Italy’s main river from drying up throughout the warmer months have receded by 75%. This news might have an effect on the cruise bookings, and they might get cancelled.

Italy’s Longest River Po Is Drying Up

The longest river in Italy, the Po, is precariously in danger of drying up as the levels have already reached as low as last summer. These might lead to the cancellation of cruise bookings. The ones who depend on the Po are already changing course as a result. 

Captain Giuliano Landini of the Stradivari ship, said that if the situation remains the same, they might have to cancel all the bookings for Po river cruises as navigation will be difficult in shallow water. 

This huge 196-foot vessel was once used to transport about 400 people, even in shallow waters. But right now the flow of the river is just 92,000 gallons, which is as low as last June. The conditions last year were simply miserable, as the summers in Italy were the hottest and driest in the last 70 years. (As per the Hindustan Times)

river po
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Waiting For Abundant Rainfall

If abundant rain doesn’t come soon, navigation in the Po will soon be impossible. Italy’s River Po flows from Turin in the northwest to Venice on the east coast. It travels through the Italian food valley, which is the nation’s most populous, industrialised, and extensively agricultural region.

The water supports tourism as well; every year, millions of tourists from across the world flock to world-famous lakes like Garda and Como to enjoy the fresh, clear waters, art, and delectable cuisine.

river Po
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