You’ll Need A Special Licence To Serve Liquor In Tamil Nadu At These Places  

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
You’ll Need A Special Licence To Serve Liquor In Tamil Nadu At These Places   

Almost every commercial place, like sports stadiums, marriage halls, banquet halls, and more, serves liquor to their guests. But now they will all need a licence to do so in Tamil Nadu. The state government of Tamil Nadu has released a special licence that is required to serve liquor at various commercial places as well as household functions. Keep reading to learn more about this new order. 

Special Licence Released in Tamil Nadu 

The state government of Tamil Nadu has made some amendments to the Tamil Nadu Liquor (Licence and Permit) Rule, 1981. It has released a special licencing provision in order to serve liquor to visitors, guests, and participants at commercial places and household functions. 

The licence has to be acquired before serving liquor at any international summit, national summit, international event, national event, celebration, festival, conference, or other events.

This newly released order states that the annual fees for the delivery of alcohol in commercial locations, such as conference centres, wedding venues, sports stadiums, etc., are ₹1,000,000 in areas under a municipal corporation, ₹75,000 in municipality areas, and ₹50,000 in other locations. 

Also, this special licence can be acquired on a daily basis for ₹11,000 for areas under a municipal corporation, ₹7,500 for municipality areas, and ₹5,000 for other places. (As per Hindustan Times)

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A No Objection Certificate Is Required

People will have to acquire this licence even if they are hosting household functions that are held in non-commercial places. This includes household functions, parties, and more. 

Residents of the municipality area must pay ₹11,000 for using the licence one time. Similar licences costing ₹7,500 will be needed for events held in municipal areas to serve alcohol once. For other locations, the price will be ₹5,000. 

To get this special licence, the superintendent of police in districts and the commissioner of police corporations must sign a no-objection certificate. The applications must be sent a week before the event without fail. 

The notice mentioned that the goods must be brought from the Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation Limited Wholesale Depot (TASMAC) closest to the event site or from another supplier that has been designated or approved. 

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