Man Buys “Upma” for ₹690; Swiggy Says You Can Get Cheaper Upma On Instamart!

by Sanjana Shenoy
Man Buys “Upma” for ₹690; Swiggy Says You Can Get Cheaper Upma On Instamart!

How much are you willing to spend for Upma? Perhaps not more than ₹200 bucks right! Well, a man recently spent a whopping ₹690 for “UPMA”! Okay, let’s cut to the chase! It wasn’t the South Indian dish that he spent all that money on. It was actually a fake pair of Puma shoes.And Swiggy had an interesting take on it.

When “Upma” Shoes Cost A Whopping ₹690 & Here’s What Swiggy Says

Recently Yatharth, took to his Twitter handle (@Yarth69) to share a hilarious anecdote. The Twitterati shared a picture of a shoe which he thrifted. The brand? It’s Upma! The fake Puma shoe which is Upma is a grey-coloured sports shoe. In his caption, Yatharth mentions that he thrifted this “delicious” shoe from a local market for ₹690. And he has a golden question— will society accept him?

Quite hilarious that the German brand, Puma now has a desi spin with Upma! For those that don’t know, upma is a famous South Indian breakfast dish made with semolina, spices and veggies. Funnily enough Swiggy Instamart had the funniest reply to his tweet. Swiggy Instamart shared a picture of MTR’s ready-to-eat upma packet.

And then supplemented the picture with a caption, where they told Yatharth to have checked their app before buying. After all, “upma” isn’t this expensive, they said. And then when it comes to whether society would accept him for this, the man received plenty of responses regarding this.

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Tweeple Can’t Have Enough Of The Hilarious Branding!

One Twitterati hilariously commented that this depends on whether he’d get matching socks with “Sambar” written on them. Another messaged that “Poha” is a better brand. Yet another Twitterati messaged that his mom can now hit him with “Upma”. One person commented that his wife makes 3 types of Upma every week — Sooji Upma, Poha Upma and Bambino Upma!

There was a Netizen who chided Yatharth for not buying branded shoes from a showroom in the first place. Someone rightly pointed” Jhoothe Khaane Wali Baat”.

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Meanwhile, have you ever bought knockoffs for yourself? And did they have funny names like Upma for a Puma?

Cover Image Courtesy: @Yarth69/ Twitter and Canva